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The Screening


DIRECTOR:G. Cameron Romero


Kristian Hickman  
Christofer Lombardo
G. Cameron Romero
Mike Watt



Matt Burns
Melissa Battin
Eric Boring
Anna Bridgforth
Brian Czarniecky
Richard W. Eckman
Barret Hackney
Alan Rowe Kelly
Nikki McCrea
Nikki McIntyre
Jeff Monahan
Sam Nicotero
Debbie Rochon
Shawn Rolly





Thomas A. Edison gave birth to the motion picture, with the invention of the “Kinetoscope”. It created the ability to capture life and movement on film. Only it was the ability to capture death that interested Edison’s unknown assistant Rupert Borgia. Hanged for the murders he committed to film, Rupert Borgia considered himself an artist. Coming from a family bloodline wrought with murdering Popes and ruthless dictators, Rupert lived up to his name. His art was death painted across a canvas of flesh. New Jersey, 1976, almost 100 years later, Luther Borgia picks up where his ancestor unwillingly left off. Luther is accosted by law enforcement after a battered woman claimed she was kidnapped and tortured in the basement of his farm house. The police recovered thirteen cans of used super 8mm film, all containing footage of his depraved acts.

Rumors leak from within the legal proceedings that anyone found watching the footage became psychologically unsound. The footage is then played for the jury at Luther Borgia’s trial. Regardless of said rumors, the films were shown to the members of the jury. To this date no comments have been made from anyone in that court room on the events that followed. Thirty years, after the trial the Lewton Theater has planned an event. Hundreds of special invitations have been sent. Live music and dancers are scheduled. A band named “Borgia” that stands for everything that Luther Borgia was, is put on the bill as hosts. Certain VIP members of the press are brought in to cover the event, an event that revolves entirely around the Borgia name. It’s the first opportunity since the trial and execution of Luther Borgia to screen the films that he and his infamous ancestor so passionately created. No one knows who organized the event. No one knows if the rumors surrounding the films are true. No one seems to have the answers…








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